Spring 2018 Sale

Blades & Accessories

Cutting Blades & Accessories for Cactus and Succulent plants. You need a sharp blade when you're working on your cacti plants and cactus Pruners can help you with that.  We have Serrated blades and Cactus saw replacement blades for your Cactus Whacker and Saw. Outdoor portable speakers allow you to have some fun music while you're beautifying your succulent plants. Shear, snip, clip and shape your plants easily and safely with Cactus Pruner tools and blades.




A removable and collapsible stand that can be inserted into any receiver hitch. Various tools such as a bench vise, chain vise, table top etc. can be attached via a removable top cap. The PortA-Vise is ideal for people working in the landscape sprinkler...

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