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Cactus & Succulent Gripping Tweezers Tools in All Sizes and Types. The cactus gripper tools include the long-handled Cactus Gripper, extended length Cactus Grabber and Extra-Long Tweezers. 6 inch to 18 inch Tweezers - angled and curved with straight tweezers. From small to big, we have the perfect cactus pruning tweezer for your gardening task. Stainless steel sure-grip tweezers allow you to prune your cactus plants safely. Our Cactus Gripper & Grabber allow for more easy gripping.

Gopher II

Cactus Grabber


This extended length Cactus Grabber makes it easy to remove dead leaves from large plants or arrange and stabilize leaves while trimming. Ends are soft to minimize damage to tender plants. Can be folded for easy storage. Pick Up & Reaching Tool - No...

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South Bend

Cactus Gripper


This handy gripper tool is useful for moving small cactus or succulent pots around, or gripping and removing needles, dead plant parts or stabilizing parts of the cactus and succulents during trimming. Also sold in a set with the Cactus Saw or Cactus...

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