I ordered a cactus saw and some large tweezers on August 28th and they arrived yesterday September 1st. I am very pleased with the quality of the tools and especially happy that you sent me an extra blade for the saw. Thank you very much and I will be sure to order in the future if I need more tools. I grow cacti inside in the winter and outside in the summer and have several really large ones, as well as some agaves so the pruning tools will be very helpful.

Shirley Bates / Brunswick, VT

Used my new cactus tools today and loved them!!! Thought you might enjoy a before and after review. It took about 20 min and no injuries not even a poke.

John Small

I love this thing! It sawed off cactus pads like a hot knife going through butter. It’s much better then the loping shears that I have been using. It’s a most useful tool. 

Marguerite A.

Thank you for my order which arrived yesterday. The tools are an excellent value.

Steve Ferrero / Shepton Mallet, UK

The tweezers are great for planting and leaf removal. The tool I prefer for weeding is the cacti gripper, it’s grip is strong enough to rip out and weeds yet small enough not to disturb small cacti like my opuntia imbricatas. A longer version of this tool would be nice for my plains prickly pear collection.

Peter Schmidt / Minneapolis, MN

The tools have been amazing!!! I had to prune a huge stand of Opuntia macrodays, commonly called bunny ears. If you so much as breath near it the plant lets go of millions of glochids (teensy spines) that get all over you and your clothes. The tools helped so much, keeping me a little further away from harm. 

Aviva Tirosh / Dos Lobos Landscaping

I use your Cactus Saw to prune agave plants and I don’t know how I lived without it. Getting my fingers stuck by thorns has been completely eliminated. I recommend your products to all my friends.

Gary B. / Scottsdale, AZ

The tools work great. You might want to add welding gloves to your list of products because you can handle cactus effectively with them on. Thanks for the follow-up.

John Sellke

We used the Cactus Pruner this morning and it worked very well. I also want to thank you for including the serrated blade attachment. It is great to deal with a Company that delivers beyond expectation! 

Al Rosen

Well, Well, Well… I received the cactus pruner a few days ago. Yesterday I put it to work on our Desert Spoon. That plant hasn’t been trimmed in about 12 years.

I dreaded starting to prune it; those leaves are sharp and have a razor edge, and will poke you in the eye if not careful.I was able to reach in with the cactus pruner and saw off enough leaves to open a good sized “window” to the base of the plant.

I was then able to get access to the untrimmed leaves, and snip them off with a conventional bypass pruner. Check out the before and after pictures! Without your cactus pruner I would probably procrastinate another 10 years before attempting that prune job.

We also have an agave-type succulent. It too needed a pruning. I did some preliminary cutting on it, and am happy to report that the cactus pruner slices through those leaves as though they were soft butter!

And best of all, no scratches on my arms. I am an extremely happy camper! My thanks to you for offering a very unique pruning tool at a modest price.

Rich Milligan

This long handled knife is our absolute favorite tool. We use it for all of our pruning and cutting jobs at the nursery. The angled blade is especially useful for reaching those hard to trim areas on the bottom of agaves and yuccas. The blade is also great for cutting and trimming cactus. The durability and quality of the tool is beyond belief. We had been using the same one for over five years before we even needed to replace a blade. 

Joe Davidson / Cactus Joe's Blue Diamond Nursery